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After some changings within the band and the release of the first album, „Searching“, Redkin has now arrived at the place of destiny.

One half of the band played together already in the 90s of past century. Outcome was a lot of gigs played then and for a reputed Austrian Film Company – WEGA Film. They also composed a piece of music for the movie “Funny Games” by Michael Haneke. The other half, bass & drums has been playing music together since their childhood. As a result of this, they went on tour together through Europe and also released several albums in various formations.

Now, upon release of the third music – video „Alone at the Station“, the reputed Austrian TV-station “goTV” featured this music video in month of March 2017, like they did for the band’s first one „The Night Has Come“, in June 2016, when Redkin was “Band of the Month” on this most reputed Austrian music TV-station.

With the release of the new album, called „Alone at the Station“ - like the video - the band makes a huge lap fore!

Hope we could stimulate your interest and looking forward to hearing of you soon!

References (extract):

12.2019: Letter from Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen regarding the new music video "Earth is bleeding (ft. Southkids)" by REDKIN and NMS Süd Eferding.
» view letter from Alexander Van der Bellen
10.2019: Article of the local newspaper Tips about the new music video "Earth is bleeding (ft. Southkids)" by REDKIN and NMS Süd Eferding.
» view Tips article
03.2017: „Hosted By“ on goTV in whole month of March 2017 and presentation of latest video „Alone at the Station“ & 2nd video (live!) „Reach for the Stars“.
06.2016: Band of the month with music video „The Night Has Come“ on goTV
08.2016: Presentation on “Radio OÖ” (Radio Upper Austria)

Press release

Redkin – two generations making music together – go their way on an alley, rock music on one side, pop music on the other but always the „song“ in their middle. Guitar is taking the lead with the vocals, whereas bass guitar and drums assist in the background but are always present, especially when they’re needed most. Their aim is to walk on the ridge between acoustic pop and distorted guitar sound and to give space to both of them. The songs are melodic – mostly – but waves sometimes go high. The lyrics are subtle and this mixture of all might take you to a climax – from time to time...


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