The night has come


You came from nowhere to travel to somewhere
Came on foot and on horseback too
Followed the call of so many people
To change your life to start a new

You left your home, your wife and children
But how many roads will you walk alone?
You’re asking your questions but you never get answers
Tell me want you come back home?

The day is gone, the night has come
I long for you, I trust in you
Please hold my hand, I’ve reached the end
The night is dark, so dark…

You boarded ships and crossed the ocean
To save your mind, to understand
In stormy seas and in diseases
You’ll finally die in foreign land

The day …

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Reach for the stars


The party’s over, lights turned out, girls gone their way You’re sittin´here, alone in the dark, seems nothing more to say. Here in the middle of life, back to youth or fore to death, It’s just the same anyway You might believe in resurrection But with these ol´bones that must be really hard. You might believe in reincarnation When you’re a worm you gotta go better back to start So don’t stop to reach for the stars during life Cause when you’re gone you don’t know what you’ll get Second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour, your life is ticking away But keep on proceeding, keep on repeating, keep on perpetuating, day by day Here in the middle… You might believe …

Alone at the station (Album Version)


Here I am, alone at the station And I don’t know, what’s going on You took the train, and for me, the worst situation A final kiss, and soon the lights are gone Feeling old, feeling cold, feeling blue And when I close my eyes, I still see you Flowers are blooming, and wherever you may go Don’t pick them up just let them grow Some wise men said, whatever you should do Don’t turn back, may the road go with you Here I am a new situation The lights are out, the dream is gone You found someone, he is gonna pick you up the station And me I don’t know, where I belong Feeling sad, feeling bad, feeling blue And when I close my eyes, I still see you