New Music Video "Alone at the Station"

There are now three new music videos of Redkin on YouTube: "Alone at the Station", "Reach for the Stars" and "The Night has Come". How do you like it? Redkin is always open for constructive feedback:

New CD: Alone at the Station

If you like Redkin please support them by buying their new CD "Alone at the Station" for the purchase price of 15,00 Euro excl. shipping.

REDKIN - Alone at the Station

Redkin — Alone at the Station (2017)

Andreas Dall, Wolfgang Karl, Clemens Braun, Heinz Braun
  1. Alone at the Station (04:13)
  2. The Earth is bleeding (04:19)
  3. On a quiet Day (04:34)
  4. A Place to live (03:43)
  5. Show me the Light (05:08)
  6. Wishes for a growing Child (04:44)
  7. Why do I forget (04:02)
  8. Take away the Fear (on the Way) (05:10)
  9. The Universe's exploding (03:56)
  10. Waterfall (04:33)
  11. The Night has come (04:12)
  12. Reach for the Stars (Live) (04:08)
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