Wolfgang Karl

Lead vocals

Wolfgang Karl

Mr. NICEGUY. The Voice. He has no hair but a fancy red off-road vehicle which fortifies he is a real steel-city-cowboy. Although he is a tough businessman his voice sounds as gentle and smooth as a good old bourbon whiskey.

Full name: Wolfgang Karl
Position: Lead vocals
Member since: 2009

​ Wolfgang was born in 1963 and started singing in a choir in his hometown at the age of six. He quitted when the family moved to another town. ​However, singing has always been part of his life, while he only resumed singing at the time of his studies of economics in Linz. It was in the late 1980's and he sang in a choir and in a cover band in parallel. ​Amongst others, the band covered the Doors and Wolfgang made them believe, that Jim Morrison originally was a blond Austrian guy ;-)

​Years and another band later, Heinz - his brother in law - had left "Frank Yonco Band", where they had played together for a considerable period. ​Heinz did that, because the band had turned into a mere cover band at that time and had left behind all the creative potential. ​This was sort of a booster for Wolfgang and he finally came around again and quitted too. ​From that time on, they started playing their own music...

Other band members

Marcel Hutter - Drummer of Redkin

Marcel Hutter


The DRUM-HEAD. The drummer. He is an eternal bachelor and enjoys life to the full during listening to music inbetween fields and wood land. Furthermore he loves to roll cigarettes and always has a cool refreshment inside his bag.

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Clemens Braun - Bassist of Redkin

Clemens Braun


The CABLE-MAN. The bass guitar. He has way too much hair and is often as chaotic as his hairstyle. He adores to wire up the equipment and cares that everybody has the perfect sound.

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Heinz Braun - Guitarist und vocalist of Redkin

Heinz Braun

Guitar and Vocals

The BIG-HEAD. The guitar and second voice. He has a lot of hair and attracts attention because of his huge trapezoidal head. He is one of the creative brains and is an unending source of inspiration.

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