NEW ALBUM: Alone at the Station

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Redkin - Finest Rock from Linz

"Redkin was sitting under southern skies, getting Southern feelings, while – On a quiet day – some homecoming traumatized soldier killed his own beloved family with his gun. Reading the news, which were all selling lies, as Redkin was thinking, he decided to Sing of flowers, instead of thinking of soldiers and the wars they were in. By doing so, Redkin can give a guideline and send his best Wishes to a growing child, who is Waiting alone at the station..." — Redkin

Since end of 2008 Redkin follow a common path which resembles an avenue lined with rock on the one and pop on the other side. The focus of the four musicians always lies on the song in which vocals and guitar lead the composition while bass and drums discreetly carry out their work in the backround and are accurate then present when it is really necessary to emerge from the depths. The aim is to perform the balancing act between acoustic pop and distorted rock sounds and thereby allow each of the two genres sufficient clearance. Their songs glide on a mostly gentle wave which again and again beat high waves and lead, seasoned with profound lyrics, to one or other eargasm.

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NEW ALBUM: Alone at the Station

If you like Redkin please support them by buying their new CD "Alone at the Station" for the purchase price of 15,00 Euro excl. shipping.
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Andreas Dall


The DRUM-HEAD. The drummer. He is an eternal bachelor and enjoys life to the full during listening to music inbetween fields and wood land. Furthermore he loves to roll cigarettes and always has a cool refreshment inside his bag.

Clemens Braun


The CABLE-MAN. The bass guitar. He has way too much hair and is often as chaotic as his hairstyle. He adores to wire up the equipment and cares that everybody has the perfect sound.

Heinz Braun

Guitar and Vocals

The BIG-HEAD. The guitar and second voice. He has a lot of hair and attracts attention because of his huge trapezoidal head. He is one of the creative brains and is an unending source of inspiration.

Wolfgang Karl

Lead Vocals

Mr. NICEGUY. The Voice. He has no hair but a fancy red off-road vehicle which fortifies he is a real steel-city-cowboy. Although he is a tough businessman his voice sounds as gentle and smooth as a good old bourbon whiskey.